Here’s a collection of some of the free downloads I’ve included in posts:

A handy guide to manuscript formatting that both shows and tells what your manuscript should look like: What your typing teacher didn’t tell you about manuscript formatting

The basis of the “Elements of Fiction” series of posts: Elements of Fiction Editing Checklist

And the nonfiction version: Elements of Nonfiction Editing Checklist

A guide to the stuff that comes before and after your main text: Front and Back Matter cheat sheet

Download a Sample book map.

Track your productivity: Sample Writer’s Work Log

Or see where your time is going: Time and Motion Log

Easily write your writer’s blurb: Author bio worksheet

Cheat sheets

For the stuff we all have to look up

How to conjugate these confusing verbs: Sorting out Lay and Lie

Whom is rapidly going the way of thou, but sometimes you still need to know when to use it: When to use who and whom

The rules for commas are complicated. Here’s a summation: Comma Cheat Sheet


2 thoughts on “Freebies

  1. […] Freebies page is a collection of my downloads, including cheat sheets and the manuscript formatting […]

  2. Helen Bellamy says:

    Thanks for all the cheat sheets. Boy, will they come in handy!

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