Titles of unpublished works are omitted because they are subject to change.

Speculative Fiction Clients

E.E. McGill: The Antarctic Circle: Arcania, fantasy novel; content editing

Gary Mehl: epic fantasy; editorial assessment

Stefania Barbier: portal fantasy series; editorial assessment

Jennifer Jonic: epic fantasy novels; content editing

Mary Schlegel: The PRISM Conspiracy; science fiction novel; editorial assessment

Joan Gull: Christian speculative fiction; content editing and mentoring

Joy Morris: The Curse and The Promise of The Golden Scroll, young adult fantasy; editorial assessment

Matt Moore: young adult portal fantasy series; editorial assessment and copyediting

Christine Draper: middle grade fantasy novel; developmental editing

Gregory Gardner: A Book of Creation, fantasy novel; developmental editing and copyediting

Burke Speed: Evocatus; spiritual warfare fantasy; content editing and copyediting

Serena Schreiber: young adult urban fantasy; copyediting

Ralene Burke: Bellanok, fantasy novel; proofreading, e-book formatting, and 
print edition page design

Laura Melnick: fantasy series; editorial assessment and mentoring

Alberto Hazan: The Dr. Vigilante series of three thriller novels and a screenplay, and The League of Freaks young adult fantasy series of four novels; copyediting

Courtney Dyer: science fiction novel; editorial assessment

Chuck Thompson: science fiction novel; content editing

Kimberly Woods: paranormal fantasy novels; developmental editing

Abigail Brothers: science fiction novellas; substantive editing

Sharon Johnson: Milky Way Rising and other YA contemporary fantasy novels; editorial assessment

Timothy Fowler: The Mirror Poole, dystopian science fiction novel; editorial assessment

R.C. Tolbert: Daughter of Anasca, fantasy novel; content editing

C. Keith Carpenter: The Ghosts of Emily Gray, Christian horror novel; line editing

Splashdown Books: Winter, Christian supernatural thriller by Keven Newsome; line editing

Other Fiction clients

Shaz Khang: The Closer and Smashers Synched, contemporary novels; content editing

Randy McCrain: contemporary drama; content editing

Sally Hanan: My Heart Went Walking, contemporary novel; editorial assessment and mentoring

Stephanie Thomason: contemporary Christian romance; editorial assessment

Gina Devries: contemporary novel; editorial assessment and mentoring

Robert Vanderzee: The Death of Lois Janeway, mystery novel; editorial assessment and mentoring

Leslie Dunn: contemporary Christian novel; editorial assessment

Jackson Adams: Till Father’s Found, historical novel; content editing

Meara Kelly: Sorrow’s Joy, young adult historical novel; substantive editing

Kevin Scott Olson: thrillers in the Michael Quinn series; content editing

Cheryll Snow: Sea Horses, contemporary novel; line editing

R.J. Feliciano: Mayonnaise, historical novel; copyediting

Robert Bear: The Making of the Lamb, historical novel; developmental editing

Shirin Humzani: Veiled Destiny and The Education of Amal, contemporary romance novels; substantive editing

Nonfiction Clients

Ramona Richards: Tracking Changes, a book for authors about working with editors; copyediting

Central Florida Education Guide: an annual directory of schools and related services; writing and copyediting

Maria Eagen: narrative nonfiction; editorial assessment, line editing and writing

Brenda Beadenkopf: A Quaker Behind the Dream: Charlie Walker and the Civil Rights Movement Volumes 1 and 2, narrative nonfiction; developmental editing

Helga Arndt: Growing Up Under the Third Reich, memoir; content and line editing

Deby Brown: God’s Plan for Israel, a biblical and historical study; line editing

John Dickerson: religious history text; content editing

Tim Kaufman: Singing Hallelujah When You Feel Like Hell: A True Life Story of How to Triumph Through Depression; content editing

Zoe Hicks: The Money River, a financial guidebook for Christians; content and line editing

Paula Jauch: Cross Addicted: Breaking Free From Family Trauma and Addiction, self-help; devotionals and other nonfiction; copyediting, mentoring, and book proposal review

Merrifield Press: Transforming Your Story, a Bible study guide regarding post-abortion trauma; copyediting

Patrick Peace: The Way of Christ, a spiritual guide; content editing

Bill & Cindy Perry: Rejoicing in Retirement, a guide for retirees; substantive editing

Norma Guerra: Clinical Problem Solving Case Management, a textbook for counselors; line editing

John Warren: The Financial Rescue Plan for Nonprofits, a guidebook for charitable organizations; content and line editing

Next Century Publishing: Jungle Adventures by Susan Gail Swanson, There’s More to Life Than This by Christine Gallagher, and What’s Most Important by Bill Svoboda; copyediting

Carl Dulinsky: His Masterpiece: Discovering the Greatness Within, Christian nonfiction; copyediting

Havok magazine

Havok is a magazine (now webzine) specializing in flash fiction. It publishes stories in multiple genres including, but not limited to, science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, horror, and thriller.

Havok Science Fiction Fantasy Kirk DouPonce of DogEared Design illustrated the cover of Havok’s July 2015 issue, which includes my story “The Elven Maid.”

Orlando Business Journal

Prior to becoming a full-time freelancer, I worked for twenty years at OBJ, a weekly newspaper for businesspeople. During my years in OBJ’s newsroom, I produced more than a thousand articles, columns, and opinion pieces. I copyedited articles for both the print edition and the website. One of my favorite tasks was writing and recording a daily stock market report for a local radio station.

Publishing Credits and Awards

Alara's Call Cover of Tales of the Phoenix by Kristen Stieffel shows an airship with a red and orange Phoenix figurehead flying over the surface of Mars Cover of The Shieldmaiden's Revenge by Kristen Stieffel depicts a background of storm clouds; in the foreground a bronze shield with a debossed design featuring the tree of life flanked by two ravens

The Shieldmaiden’s Revenge, a fantasy novella self-published in July 2021.

Unventing Language: Using Real Languages to Inspire Fictional Ones, a nonfiction booklet for writers, self-published in March, 2021.

Alara’s Call, an inspirational fantasy novel published by Love2Read Love2Write Publishing, September 2017; first place in the published fantasy category at the Royal Palm Literary Awards and third runner up for Book of the Year, finalist at the Realm Awards, and winner of the Excellence in Editing Award from Christian Editor Connection

Tales of the Phoenix, a collection of steampunk novellas set on Mars, published by Bear Publications, July 2018

“A Song Without Words,” a romance flash fiction story in the November 2017 issue of Spark magazine

“The Great Game,” a steampunk novella in Victorian Venus, an anthology published by Bear Publications, July 2017

“Immolation,” a contemporary flash fiction story in the anthology Revisions: Stories of Starting Over, October 2015

“The Elven Maid,” a fantasy flash fiction story in the July 2015 issue of Havok magazine

“Flight,” a science fiction novella in Medieval Mars, an anthology published by Bear Publications, July 2015

Hope and Pride, a contemporary novel, first place in the unpublished inspirational romance category, 2013 Royal Palm Literary Awards

Contributor to New Authors Fellowship, a blog for Christian speculative fiction writers, newauthors.wordpress.com

“The Feast of Stevens,” a science fiction Christmas comedy, The Cynic Online Magazine, December 2009, also available as a standalone e-book

“The Last Buffalo,” a dystopian short story, The Coffee House Fiction 2009 Anthology, also available as a standalone e-book

“Ein Feste Burg,” a historical short story, first place in the short story unpublished category, 2007 Royal Palm Literary Awards, e-published as “Mighty Fortress”