It’s hard to choose an editor without much information to go on. So here’s some input from people I’ve worked with.

Kristen has been editing my work since 2015…she has helped me become a two-time award winning author with her excellent services.—Paula Jauch
, speaker and author at Walking Into Freedom

At Havok, Kristen did a wonderful job editing stories and working with our authors throughout the publication process. She could always be counted on to work both independently and in a team setting!
—Andrew Winch, editor in chief at Havok Publishing, LLC

As in-house editor and publisher, and now a freelance editor, writer, and project manager, I have hired Kristen many times for several different levels of editing, including content and copy editing. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and concise with queries and suggested changes. She has delivered each project at or before the deadline, and her work is superb. I will hire her anytime I have the chance.
—Ramona Richards, editor/writer/project manager

As someone who has used Kristen for her editing services, I can state she has some of the best developmental edits in the business! She’ll give you good feedback at a reasonable price. If I ever hit the bestseller lists, I’ll be sure to thank her publicly!
 If you’re a new writer and need an editor that will leave helpful comments at a reasonable price, Kristen is your gal.—Matt Moore, novelist

I also want to thank Kristen, editor extraordinaire, who had the temerity to be honest with me! … Her earnest feedback and thoughtful suggestions made all kinds of difference.—Burke Speed, novelist

I was highly impressed with your editing of my book. It is my first edited book and it was a great experience. I did have a lot of errors and you went above and beyond.—Tina Cianci, nonfiction writer

I cannot possibly thank you enough for your amazing work on my fantasy novel. Your feedback was both incredibly encouraging and helpful.…It was especially helpful to see what areas I needed to improve not only for this book specifically, but also identifying personal writing tics I can be aware of for future projects. I was blown away by the amount of work and detail your analysis entailed!—Jannette Jonic, novelist

Kristen, I knew you were good, but having never seen a developmental edit from you I didn’t know how exceptional you really are. This is fantastic. You hit the right balance of encouragement and teaching, and your book map is a wonderful tool. I cannot say think you enough for sharing your gift with my author—you truly are gifted!—Cheri Cowell, publisher at EA Books Publishing

Thank you for speaking to our writers group. Your comments on book mapping, and the idea to create an original book-map format that coincides with my tangled-up brain has given me new inspiration! I have found errors, ways to round-out characters, ideas to develop setting, and most importantly, I fell back in love with a novel I’d wanted to burn. I’m so thankful you pointed out how the read, read, and reread technique doesn’t work! I’ve been grasping at new tools for a year, and you handed me something I’ve put to great use. Thank you for contributing to my work in a meaningful way.—Annette Masters, moderator of Tampa Writers Alliance [Ed. note: The novel mentioned here went on to win an award from the Florida Writers Association.]

Thank you for a thorough, concise, and entirely professional critique…This is the best critique I have ever received.—Robert Vanderzee, novelist

I was lucky to have found Kristen. She is thorough, dependable, encouraging, and efficient. She is always available to answer questions. I’ve worked with her on two novels and plan on hiring her for my next one. I can say without reservation that both manuscripts benefited tremendously from Kristen’s expertise and hard work.—Alberto Hazan, novelist
[Ed. note: I’ve now edited seven novels and a screenplay for Alberto.]

Kristen is terrific. No matter how many times I’ve proofread my manuscript, she manages to hunt down and destroy errors that slipped past me. I can’t recommend her highly enough!—Elizabeth Camden, novelist

When I sent my retirement book to soon-to-be-retired Christians for their review, they told me the material in the book was great, but it was boring…I didn’t know what to do. I had been told about the editing capabilities of Kristen Stieffel…I gave her my draft and asked her to rewrite the book as a story rather than a textbook. Wow, what a job she did. My harsh critics said the rewritten book was a winner; they loved what she did…If you have material that lacks the magic needed to sell, give it to Kristen to work her magic, and I know you will be glad you did.—William E. Perry

The editing is meticulous… — Clarion Review of The Education of Amal by client Shirin Humzani

[The Elements of Fiction seminar] was very interesting and helpful…I learned something new…This could have been a two-part seminar with so much information. I would have loved to hear more…I am very glad I had attended and benefited from all the workshops and seminars you have attended…Your presentation was organized and flowed well, which is rare. You are a great presenter. I would love to attend more of your presentations.—June O’Brien, seminar attendee

Your website saved me.—Christy Callahan, Professional Publishing Services

Kristen is a life-saver! I was so busy with so many projects and here was one more…to piece together my complicated family history involving Central Florida’s Barber-Mizell Feud, with a deadline looming over me, was just too much to bear! I was an emotional wreck with the history and family tied together, and Kristen patiently listened to my story and took the documents I could provide and produced a very well-written and intriguing submission for the 2013 Pioneer Days Festival Magazine. She has a way of capturing readers so they will continue to read, wanting more and more. I will certainly be working with Kristen on other projects as there are plenty of stories to tell! — Susan Arline Williams

As a copy editor, Kristen Stieffel possesses the unique talent to take the long and complex and make it short and understandable.—Mark Goldstein, president, Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce

Kristen has edited for me on several occasions. She has edited two of my short stories and was the lead editor on my novel. She does excellent, thorough work and is an expert on all things grammar. She is also a studied writer, and so she knows the peculiar nuances of writing fiction. I have no doubt she’d be an excellent selection to edit across multiple writing disciplines.—Keven Newsome, novelist

I’ve worked with Kristen in several capacities and found her to be one of the most professional people I’ve met in journalism circles. She deftly handled wearing many hats at the Orlando Business Journal, from writing to doing the daily radio broadcasts on Wall Street activity. She also has won acclaim for her writing through the Florida Writers Association. It’s a privilege to recommend Kristen and publicly acknowledge her accomplishments.—Doris Bloodsworth, Crosswords Communications Co.

An excellent writer and a skilled craftswoman.—Jeff Gerke, book doctor

I have to confess, I’m inordinately fond of the testimonial written by Robynn Tolbert, author of Star of Justice and Daughter of Anasca. You can read the whole thing at her blog, but here’s a representative sample:

There’s a reason I call her The Lioness, and it isn’t her hair. I should be terrified of that attached file. My critique partner is a formidable writing force…a predator with the power to pop the top of my emotional skull with her fierce mouth-tongue and I could only dangle from her claws and let her do it. The fact that in her professional arms I feel completely safe is a testament to her skill.