People absolutely do judge books by their covers. So I’ve compiled a list of cover designers you may want to consider hiring if you are self-publishing your book. This list is by no means comprehensive, so don’t stop here. Other places to look include the Editorial Freelancers Association and Reedsy (note I am a member of both of these).

Listed here are just a few designers I have come across, either because I met them at a conference or encountered them on social media. A couple have done covers for my friends or clients. They are here purely because I’m impressed by their portfolios.

Alara's Call cover—a dark-haired woman stands in a palace corridor with a heavenly glow emanating from behind her
Cover of Alara’s Call by Sara Helwe

Sara Helwe
I can 100% endorse Sara, because she did the original cover for Alara’s Call!

Kirk DouPonce, DogEared Design
An award-winning designer specializing in Christian Speculative Fiction

An award-winning design firm with incredible range

100 Covers

Amalia Chitulescu

The Cover Collection

Mark Thomas, Coverness

Covers by Christian

Deranged Doctor Design

Get Covers

Laura Hollingsworth

Lisa Hewitt — Book Design

Robin Johnson, Florida Girl Design

Yocla Book Cover Designs