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I added a couple of new pages: you’ll find them under the “Resources” menu.

The Freebies page is a collection of my downloads, including cheat sheets and the manuscript formatting guide.

The Recommended Reading page will look familiar to anyone who’s taken one of my seminars. It’s a list of books and websites I think are helpful to writers.

If you know of other articles or websites that are helpful for writers, please mention them below.


Use styles to keep your manuscript in order

Document outlineWe all want our documents to look good. Here are some advanced techniques to make sure your manuscript is not only good-looking, but orderly, whether you’re submitting traditionally or self-publishing.

The first thing to remember is that your manuscript needs to be edited before it’s designed, so save the design work for later. Too often I see amateur writers spending lots of effort on designing their manuscripts prior to editing. This just complicates the editing process.

A lot of us have a case of Stockholm Syndrome with Microsoft Office, but one thing it does really well is styles. Word’s styles integrate nicely with Adobe InDesign, which is the app most professionals use for book design. Continue reading

When to use who or whom

English is complicated and can confuse the best of us. Many editors have dog-eared grammar manuals and style books with Post-It notes on the sections we have to double-check every time. One fine point that even experienced editors find hard to memorize is the distinction between who and whom.

The short answer to the who or whom question is that who is for subjects and whom is for objects. Only it isn’t that simple, or why would we all keep asking one another, “Is this right?” Continue reading