Your hard drive will crash

While I was at the FWA Bradenton Mini-Conference last week, Dropbox had a major service outage. This wasn’t a huge problem for me, just an inconvenience. For others, not so much.

Dropbox is an online storage service, and a lot of writers use it as their main backup. A glitch in a maintenance program led to some of the company’s servers having their operating systems upgraded while they were in use. This led to a crash Friday evening that eventually took the whole service down for the better part of the weekend. Service wasn’t fully restored until Sunday afternoon. Continue reading

Writers need professional e-mail addresses

When you’re just starting out, it doesn’t matter what your e-mail address looks like. But when you reach the point of submitting to publishers or even self-publishing, you need a professional e-mail address.

Make that especially if you’re self-publishing.

The self-published author is a businessperson, and needs a businesslike address. So use Wacky Writer at yahoo dot com all you like while you’re going through the rounds with your critique partner or writing coach. But when you’re ready for the big time, you need an e-mail that’s Your Name at Continue reading