Get Front and Back Matter in Order

Not every book will have front and back matter, but if yours does, understand that there is a customary order in which these things usually appear. This information isn’t on the checklist because it may not apply to your book. If it does, you can download the Front and Back Matter cheat sheet.

Front and Back Matter Are Arranged Appropriately.

Front Matter is everything that comes before the table of contents. It is not numbered with the rest of the text. This is where you see those goofy lower case Roman numerals: i, ii, iii, iv, etc.

Back Matter is everything that comes after The End. It is numbered consecutively with the rest of the text. Continue reading

Limit Flashbacks in Narrative Nonfiction

The use of flashbacks in narrative nonfiction is similar to flashbacks in fiction.

Flashbacks are used only when necessary and are engaging.

A flashback is a dramatized scene that looks back to a time before the story started. Now here’s the thing — if your readers need to know the information in the flashback, why don’t you just put it in chronological order?

There are plenty of reasons not to. You may want to start at a crisis point, backtrack to how you got there, then pick up the story again and move forward. Continue reading