Don’t neglect punctuation and usage on your blog

Back in the day, amateur bloggers could often get away with sloppy craft. The novelty of the medium meant readers were very forgiving. Even today, the readers of someone’s personal blog may not care about slips such as using intrical to mean integral. But the more professional your blog is, the more you’re expected to maintain high standards of craft.

Most business people are good writers. They’ve had to be to succeed in school and work. And people who self-identify as writers usually write very strong prose. Paying close attention to the quality of your writing is a must if you’re blogging to build your business or platform. Continue reading

Watch your language usage

When editors speak of language usage, we’re not talking about potentially offensive terms. At least, not exclusively. We’re talking about taking care with the words you choose and avoiding those Vizzini moments.

Usage is in accordance with convention. Continue reading

Q&A: What to make of those -ic and -ical suffixes

Hi, Kristen—

What about the usage of terms such as:

  • Historic vs historical
  • Geologic vs geological
  • Biologic vs biological

etc.? Thanks,


question answer


Great question, John! Odd pair of suffixes, those, and between them they form a mountain of adjectives that may or may not differ in meaning. Continue reading