The Shieldmaiden’s Revenge

Holy One, give us victory. Let me not return home in shame. I will go in victory or on a bier.

Arnhildr's magical armor ensures she cannot be defeated in battle, but it could not save her from a loveless marriage. When traitors overthrow the king and seize her weapons, Arnhildr enlists the aid of a prince in restoring order. But without her armor, will she survive the battle to reclaim the throne?

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About the Book

After thirty years in a loveless political marriage, Arnhildr feels at home everywhere but in the hall of her husband the king. When he is murdered by assassins, she wants to flee to her homeland. But the killers have seized the king’s castle and with it the magical armor, forged by her ancestors, which ensures the one who wears it cannot be defeated in battle.

Unwilling to give up her ancestral armor or to allow the usurper to remain on the throne, Arnhilder unites with her brother-in-law, now the rightful king. Together they will reclaim the throne and her heirlooms, or die trying.


The Shieldmaiden’s Revenge is a fantasy novella with themes of betrayal, grief, and loyalty. Content warning for violence, but there is no sexual content or profanity. Available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions.

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Genre: Fantasy
Tag: Kristen's Books
Publication Year: 2022
Length: Novella
ASIN: B0992ZQX38
ISBN: 9798529468708
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