Alara’s Call — Release Day!

If you follow me on Facebook, you may be sick of hearing about this, but if not, I’m pleased to say that today is the release date for my first novel, Alara’s Call. It’s book one of my series The Prophet’s Chronicle.

Cover of Alara’s Call
Sara Helwe did a fantastic job on this cover. Clicking the image will take you to the publisher’s website, where you’ll find links to all the major booksellers.

In the lead-up to this release, and for the rest of the week, I’ve been on a blog tour. The schedule is below if you want to visit some of these other sites and learn more about Alara, her allies, and her storyworld.

On September 21 we’ll hold a Facebook party to celebrate the book’s release and give away some amazing prizes, including a Bible study bundle and tons of books, many of which have something in common with Alara’s Call.

If you’re in Central Florida, you can join me September 30 for a launch party, 1–3 p.m., at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, 1655 Peel Ave. in Orlando. Light refreshments will be served, we’ll give away some door prizes, and a friend and I will give a dramatic reading of a key scene from the beginning of the book.

Thanks for being part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours!

Alara’s Call Blog Tour: September 11 through 22

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September 11, Interview, Catherine Bonham,

September 12, Visual Post, Jebraun Clifford,

September 13, Review of Alara’s Call, Kate Jameson,

September 13, Review of Alara’s Call, Anna Tan,

September 14, Guest Post by Kristen Stieffel, Laura A. Grace,

September 14, Interview, J.M. Hackman,

September 15, Review by Travis Perry,

September 15, Visual Post, Liv Fisher,

September 16, Top 3 Post, Laurie Lucking,

September 17, Behind-the-Scenes Feature, Steve Rzasa,

September 18, Review of Alara’s Call, Laurin Boyle,

September 19, Behind-the-Scenes Feature, Kristen Stieffel,

September 20, Guest Post by Kristen Stieffel, Gillian Bronte Adams,

September 21, Review of Alara’s Call, Michele Israel Harper,

September 22, Guest Post by Kristen Stieffel, Rebecca LuElla Miller,

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