FWA’s Mid-Winter Conference West and Reading Festival

I will be on faculty for Florida Writers’ Association’s Mid-Winter Conference West and Reading Festival in Bradenton January 10-11, 2014. This two-day event features workshops for authors, publishers, and others; author interviews with agents and publishers; and the public reading festival. Writers will pay to register for workshops, but admission will be free for the general public to attend the Reading Festival.

Opportunities for published authors:

  • Submit a workshop proposal. The deadline is Sept. 15.
  • Be available for interviews with conference attendees.
  • Participate in the public reading festival.
  • Sell your books, either at the table manned by FWA volunteers or, for an additional fee, you can rent your own table.
  • Give a reading to entice people to buy your book.
© Thomas Bethge—Fotolia.com
© Thomas Bethge—Fotolia.com

You do not need to be an FWA member to exhibit and sell at this festival. That’s a first for an FWA event.

For as-yet-unpublished writers, there will be plenty of workshops. The schedule will be announced later. Agents and publishers will be available for interviews. And don’t underestimate the importance of meeting other writers. One of the biggest benefits of attending conferences is the relationships you’ll build.

More information is available at the FWA website. Scroll down for information about the Bradenton festival; information about the October statewide conference is at the top. I’ll be teaching there, too, in the teen track.

Have you noticed I’ve been going on about conferences a lot lately? That’s because I believe that, along with joining a good critique group, attending conferences is one of the best things writers can do for their careers.

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  1. Hi,
    I’ve just found your festival online. Wish I had known about it sooner. My book “Fringe Florida” was released in September by University Press of Florida. Can you tell me how I can get involved in the festival? I would love to present my book. I’ll be presenting at the Times Reading Fest next week and Miami Book Fair in November. Thanks for any info that you can provide. Lynn

    1. If you go to the FWA conference webpage: http://www.floridawriters.net/2013_FWA_Conferences.html, you have to scroll down to find the signup info for the reading festival. It’s almost at the bottom of the page, but there are links to download the information sheet and forms for reserving display tables and reading times. See you there!

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