New marketing podcast for novelists

My Rating: ★★★★★

Thomas Umstattd of Author Media teamed up with author James L Rubart, owner of Barefoot Marketing, to produce a great new podcast: Novel Marketing.

novel marketingWithin the first hour or so of walking into any writers conference, you’ll hear someone complain about marketing. People bemoan the loss of the “good old days,” when, legend has it, all an author had to do was write a book and everyone would buy it without the author doing any selling.

In Episode 1 of Novel Marketing, Umstattd shoots that down by pointing out that in those old days, very few books got finished, let alone published, so readers had fewer choices. Now, there are millions of choices.

Whether we like it or not, marketing is an essential part of writing. This podcast fills a vital niche because it focuses on novels. Most such advice is based on publicizing nonfiction books, and those methods don’t always transfer to fiction.

The hosts are engaging and play off each other well. The show is clear and concise. Each episode is about 10 to 20 minutes long and focuses on one principle or technique, delivering valuable information you can act on. It delivers more useful content per minute than most podcasts, so it is well worth your time.


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