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You all know that I’ve had several projects back-burnered for a while now, including the second and third books in the Prophet’s Chronicle series and my online editing course for writers, Edit Your Novel Like a Pro. After leaving these idling for ages while I went about the business of, y’know, survival and stuff, I finally decided that the best way to get these things done was to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

Then Hurricane Ian happened.

View from my patio. There's a puddle in the mulch bed, but the street is clear and the trees on the other side are still standing.
Although some parts of Orlando had flooding, my street is just fine.

The problem with launching my campaign in the fourth quarter of 2021 is that now I’m in the ridiculous position of asking you to visit my new Patreon page and back me when countless Floridians have been washed out of their homes.

I’m very fortunate that my home came through the storm unscathed. We got a lot of wind and rain, but no flooding on our street. However we are still in a tight spot because our rent went up 10 percent when we renewed our lease.

There are several things I want to do to increase my income, and foremost among them is launching an online version of my one-day editing class, Edit Your Novel Like a Pro. The quandary I have faced for a long time now is that as long as I have to focus on doing client work that pays for sure right now, I can’t focus on projects like my novels or online courses that might generate income in the future.

I considered a Kickstarter campaign, but I really need ongoing financing rather than a one-time payout. So I launched a Patreon page. My hope is that you’ll find enough quality content there to make your monthly contribution worthwhile. In addition to informational handouts, I’ll have advance previews of Edit Your Novel Like a Pro and other writing and editing lessons.

If I can get 44 supporters at $25 per month or higher, I’ll be able to devote one extra day a week to working on novels and on producing the Edit Your Novel Like a Pro course, which will let me launch books and courses sooner. Patreon backers at the Scholar ($25) level will get priority access and a discount to the course when it opens, among other benefits. Patreon backers at the Librarian level (also $25) will get an advance reader copy of Lena’s Privilege and an invitation to the launch team, among other benefits. Backers at the Benefactor level ($100) will get both. 

If you have limited funds to send to Florida right now, by all means please support World Central Kitchen or Cajun Navy Relief, who are already providing disaster assistance. But if you can spare a few bucks monthly to help a Floridian who is out here trying to write books and teach writers, well, I’d appreciate it.

To subscribe to monthly content, including informational handouts, tutorial videos, and short stories, visit my Patreon page and find the subscription option that’s right for you. Subscription tiers start at $3.

If you prefer to make a one-time contribution to help fund the production of The Prophet’s Chronicle series or Edit Your Novel Like a Pro, you can do that via my Ko-Fi page, where you can also purchase some of my books and informational handouts.

Thank you for your support!

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