Edit Your Novel Like a Pro Update

When I launched the Edit Your Novel Like a Pro online course in January, I never thought it would take a year to complete. But that is fibromyalgia kicking my tail once again. The course is nearly complete now, and contains about seven and a half hours of teaching—an hour and a half more than the live version on which it’s based.

Kristen Stieffel teaching a group of students in a library classroom
Kristen Stieffel teaching at the 2020 Orange County Library System Writers Conference. Photo by Sarah Fisk.

ENLP includes tools and techniques professional editors use when revising fiction. This course shows you what to do, in what order, and how to know when you are finished. The introductory module provides an overview of the editing process. Then the following ten modules cover the elements of fiction:

  • Character
  • Viewpoint
  • Plot
  • Pacing
  • Structure
  • Setting
  • Description
  • Dialogue
  • Voice
  • Mechanics

An upcoming module, Next Steps, will cover how to decide between traditional publishing and self publishing, and how to proceed on either path. I’m currently writing these lessons and will film and upload them soon.

Edit Your Novel Like a Pro; Teaching writers what editors know. An online course in which you'll learn a systematic method for revising your book across ten elements of fiction. KristenStieffel.com

If you’ve ever taken my full-day editing seminar, this is the same material, with some new things added to take advantage of the lack of time constraints. For example, the structure module has been expanded to more than an hour. If you attended the full-day seminar and wished your writing friends could have been there, now is the time to recommend it to them. And if you haven’t, especially if you just finished a NaNoWriMo manuscript and are wondering what do do next, this course will tell you!


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  1. Thank you so much for this class! I am loving watching it. I also am rewatching as I start to work on edits for my WIP. It’s been such a helpful tool.

    1. Oh, I’m so glad! Thanks for letting me know. <3

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